Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

18.10.2014: BROKEN NOTE @ Subland, Berlin

HellDrop presents:

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Sonic carnage, brutally heavy, dense, cutting-edge, powerful, sharp, sub-driven heavy metal bass innovation... are attempts to describe the sensation that Broken Note delivers. After four long years full of live shows and a lot of musical experimentation, we have managed to bring this massive force to SUBLAND, a place truly worthy to present the long-awaited "Black Mirror EP", which turns out to be exactly the record that any Broken Note fan has been waiting and asking for.
And if you're still unsure of what to expect, let me quote from the MethLab website: "Showcasing everything from bone-shattering Dubstep, evil DnB, cutting BreakCore, industrial strength Hardcore and Tekno, to Punk Rock, Thrash Metal and Hip Hop, Broken Note's diverse and distinctive tune selection is guaranteed to be a highlight of any event."

To further fuel the fire, the amazing Renoise-wizard Hitori Tori joins us all the way from Canada to bleep those blops and twist countless knobs to present you a breakcore set so fast that the Autobahn ain't shit compared to what'll be happening ;-)

Line Up:
Broken Note [Ad Noiseam]
Hitori Tori [Peace Off]
Lootcanal [Angura]

Species [Shadowforces]
Beatxo [HellDrop]
Ocho [Xtractor]
SoaK [Subland]
ZIM [HellDrop]

Zmoke [Tonquadrat]
Rübezahl [Annoying Beatz Crew]

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