Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

19.07.2014: HellDrop presents: Bong-Ra @ Subland

Bong-Ra at SUBLAND. Saturday, July 19th, 2014.
And GORE TECH, too.

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The master demolisher is finally returning to Berlin. BONG RA, a force of nature that lacks comparison will step into the realms of SUBLAND, to bring massive bass damage to all that are mad enough to join HellDrop for yet another installment of insanity on the "beast from the east" soundsystem custom-made for the land of the sub. Hailing from Rotterdamned, NL and signed at the notorious PRSPCT Recordings label, Bong Ra will deliver 1,5 hours of pure energy.

Joining him will be Gore Tech, the up-and-rising producer from Manchester, whose tracks can be found among the top-notch releases of Ad Noiseam and PRSPCT. He is now based in Berlin and has just recently finished an EP on end.user's label SONIC terror, alongside Bong Ra, sporting 5 tracks of unrelentless Industrial Metal Breaks. Following the idea of Bong Ra & Gore Tech vs. Author & Punisher, the release takes our two guests into shredding and rebuilding the work of master American industrial machine tamer Tristan Stone (Author and Punisher).

They will tear Subland apart, so do not miss out!

To further fuel the fire, we have asked some of Berlin's wickedest underground artists to kick it with us at Subland.
Traum A will open the night with a toxic mixture of Drum-n-Bass, Jungle and Breakcore.
Simon Korfunkle, extremely talented graphic artist of Vonkor Lab, also producer and host of Freakwenz Fest Berlin, will give you an insight into his idea of music that kicks and prepare you for Bong Ra, who will follow next.

If the club is still standing after the Bong Ra / Gore Tech avalanche, DJ 8 and HellDrop's Beatxo, both hailing from Colombia, one living in Barcelona, the other in Berlin, will finish the night with Junglecore, Breakcore and Crossbreed Drum-n-Bass.

00:00 TraumA
02:00 Simon Korfunkle
03:00 Bong Ra
04:30 Gore Tech
05:30 DJ 8 & Beatxo

Bong Ra

Gore Tech

Traum A

Simon Korfunkle




The bar floor will be hosted by Zim of HellDrop, producer Audhentik, this guy called Zmoke and Italian DJ No_Name, who will please your ears with Dubstep, Drum-n-Bass and other bass music, as well as some Glitch if we're lucky. Audhentik has a monthly podcast on mixcloud, representing different sides of the music influencing his productions and DJ-Sets. Check it out!





8 € before 2:00 a.m.
10 € after 2:00 a.m.

Bring your ID if you look young :)

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3 x 1 spot: Share the Facebook-Event on your timeline and tag Hell Drop or our "fan page" HellDrop (mark the difference!) in it. If you do this you'll have a chance to win one of the three spots! (The first person to do this will get a +1, so you can bring a friend). So it's actually 4 spots!

SPECIAL: The first TEN people who send an e-mail to will be on our "friends list" and get in cheaper all night! This also means that you will get notified about our events by e-mail next time. Cheah!

Now get your fingers moving on your computer keyboards or smartphones or whatever you have...

P.S: Ihr könnt das alles natürlich auf Deutsch oder Englisch machen, uns ist das egal ;-)