Sonntag, 12. März 2017

HellDrop & friends meet: Foxdye @ Maze, Berlin

This party is a commemoration of HellDrops founding in 2012 - Foxdye and Santisima Virgen Maria were among the first artists we had the pleasure to host (back then at RAUM, 'member?). And all of the artists playing now at Maze - among them they magnificent Company Fuck - have supported us over the years. Therefore: Don't miss this opportunity and join us! :)

Facebook Event: HellDrop & friends meet: Foxdye!

Also, this event is partly a fundraiser for... our first HellDrop Records release! More info about that soon... 50% of the party's profits go towards the release, the other half is split among the artists, so: bring your friends, share this event to help us out, and use the rare opportunity to experience the unstoppable live power of Foxdye while she's touring Europe! :)

Line Up:
Phoxii / Foxdye
Santisima Virgen Maria
Company Fuck
Gory Measure

Doors open 23:00
6-8 Euro (you decide what you give)
At Maze, Mehringdamm 61, Berlin

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